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Indy Women for Choices & Education

Indy Women for Choices
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Indy Women for Choice was formed immediately after Sandra Day O' Connor's announcement of resignation from the US Supreme Court, in order to spur discussion, disseminate information, open a space for strategizing, and call to action all women who believe in reproductive rights as a basic foundation of our autonomy and well-being as women in a society that has historically done its best to deny even the most basic human rights to women.

We believe that apathy and inaction are anathema to our ability to live full, healthy, free lives, and that in order to define our lives as women, we must stand up and fight those who insist on defining the terms of our lives for us.

Please join us in standing up, strategizing, defining and redefining ourselves using our hearts, minds and voices, and never forget, in the words of Margaret Mead, "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has."

Membership is not just open for Indianapolis or Indiana residents. Anyone can join, but please be aware as we may have get-togethers and discuss issues within the Indiana State Government in the future. You are encouraged, if you live out of state, to start your own community and become active!

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Indiana General Assembly Info. - (Website w/E-mail Addresses)
Indiana House District Map - (Website/PDF)
Planned Parenthood of Indiana - (Website)
Real Teens, Real Life - (Website)
National Organization for Women - Indianapolis Chapter - (E-mail)

Please do not promote your communities here. Take that to communitypromo. Also, please do not feel that you should create another community inspite of another, because you do not like a moderator, this one isn't "active" enough for you, etc. If lack of activity is bothering you, do some good and make a post relevant to this community. There is already a lack of participants in many of the other Indianapolis/Indiana related communities.